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So, You will get all of this:

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Private classes: 10 hours of private and live classes every month, you can take the classes at the best time for you.

Platform: with the contents to learn Spanish independently with videos, audios, exercises, and more, available 24/7

Specific activities: Quizzes, forums, and interactive activities with students and teachers to continue practicing Spanish 24/7

Cultural activities: learn to cook Latin American and Spanish food, learn about the history, and more culture around the Spanish language.

Conversation club: Keep practicing Spanish with other students of the same level, led by a teacher

Conversation call: Keep practicing your speaking skills with 15 minute sessions at the best time you have.

Conversation Chat: Practice your writing skills with a teacher and guided conversation

Diploma: at the end of each module and level, you can obtain a diploma from our school that certifies your new level in Spanish.

Membership to the student club: get discounts on all our services, both online and in our cultural immersion centers in Latin America

Support: premium support for you in questions, about learning Spanish or about any kind

How to take advantage of all these resources

With everything that the package includes for you, it may be many things and you do not know if you can join each activity.

But it is not like that, in the calendar we show you how you can join each activity and get the most out of it.

Most of the activities last 15 minutes except your private sessions with your teacher.

Frequent questions asked…

What if I have a valid package and I want to join this program?

Your classes are cumulative, for example, if you have only used 5 of a 10-hour package, the remaining 5 hours you can continue using them as usual.

What happens if I have a valid package and I don’t want to join this new modality?

Nothing happens, you continue with the usual mode.

Do you have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us by email at, messenger, or WhatsApp

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How the platform works and what you can find there

We invite you to see the details and resources that you can find on the platform, everything is designed and thought for you.

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