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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What do I need to get started?

This depends on each course, but generally only a smartphone, computer, and notebook.

#2. What is my dashboard?

Your dashboard gives you access to the courses and programs that you have enrolled in, and to information such as course start and end dates, certificates, and email settings.

#3. Can I change my already scheduled class?

Of course, you can change the classes you have, although we recommend not doing so to avoid damaging your progress.

#4.What is the schedule for the classes?

For private classes, you choose the best time for you.

#5. What can I find in the platform?

This depends on the course, but in general, the platform contains videos, audios, exercises, and more, strategically designed for your level and a solid step-by-step progress.

#6. How can I join the face-to-face activities?

We have a calendar on your dashboard so you can join in-person activities both in your country and in our cultural immersion centers.

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