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We are a learning and cultural exchange center where our vehicle is the Spanish language. Learning a language is not grammar, there are experiences that can change your life.

We Know What Works

How you really learn a Language?


Learning a language effectively requires a professional guide or teacher. A language is made up of 4 skills: Speak, Listen (and understand), Write and Read. The problem is that most traditional schools first teach the student to read or write, and it is a big mistake. Think of a baby, if you teach a being before reading or writing it takes a long time to learn a language and every time you have to speak you would have to think about grammar rules, reading, and writing. And we know it doesn’t work that way.
It is the same situation with an adult, any Spanish student must know the basic principles of the language and start listening, this allows the student to acquire the language naturally.

Sounds logical, right! 

Why we teach Spanish Online?

Teaching Spanish, uniting people and cultures is our passion. Doing this goes beyond grammar rules, this is about building life opportunities and long-term relationships around the world through the Spanish language.

Our Team

Welcome, We are very happy that you can join our community!

Andres Sojven

Programm director

Spanish for life


Clara Mendez

Spanish teacher

Francisco Gonzalez

Spanish Teacher

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