This is an excellent question for anyone who wants to learn a new language, the truth is that for each person it is different, and in this article, we will explain that it depends on whether you can learn a new language and for how long. you need to speak a new language

There are 4 factors that will allow you to know specifically for yourself, how long you need to speak a new language. These factors can make you accelerate your learning or keep your learning like the average person.

It is important to clarify that everything you are about to see has been the result of our students over 23 years, so we have a lot to tell you in this article. But before continuing, do not forget to subscribe to learn more about this methodology where you have many free resources to learn to speak a new language.

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In order to fully master a language, you need to master 4 skills, Writing, Reading, Understanding, and Speaking. And I know that for many people it is enough to understand and speak because writing and reading are not so important, however, all forms of communication are important, especially if you want to have a standard certification of any language.

So, depending on how much time you dedicate or the focus you have in learning these 4 skills, you can learn a language quickly or slowly

 What methodology are you going to use?

Most people tell you that to learn a new language you need 3 months, some that you need 6 months. But believe me, after having seen thousands of students from our school as students from other schools, we can affirm that methodology plays a very important role when it comes to knowing how much time you need to learn a new language.

The methodology is the vehicle you will use to get there faster or slower, it is the one that tells you how much time you need to spend to learn a new language. We can compare it to going to the mountain, if you need to go to the mountain with a Lamborghini, surely it will not be the most comfortable or the fastest, and it is not that it is a bad car, it simply is not what you need.

We recommend you see this methodology so that you have a better idea

Who is going to support you

97% of language schools neglect this part and so do students. Support can determine how fast you can move forward to learn a new language.

Many students start studying a new language in an app or watching videos, listening to podcasts and make no mistake, I am not saying that this is wrong, what I am saying is that people do not learn new skills by watching or listening, we learn 90% more when we do the things and in the case of languages, when we speak, but it is more effective if we have a teacher guide, who can give us feedback, who can correct us effectively and lead us faster to the results that are to speak a new language in a short time.

How are you going to measure the results?

You cannot improve what you do not measure. Learn to measure your results because it is the only way you can really know if you are progressing or not therefore this can determine how quickly you learn a new language.

My recommendation is to be able to find a teacher who does all this work for you because you should focus on learning and not on these details that are important but that a teacher can do for you.

Well, I hope that now you can have a broader idea of how much time you need to learn a new language and that for each person it is different depending on the resources available to them.

If you are here, I know you want to learn a new language so I want to give you something very special that will help you accelerate your learning and in a short time be able to speak a new language. You just have to click on this link and it will take you to your gift

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