How to learn Spanish Online? Learning Spanish online from your country is something that can be done perfectly. We totally understand that in your country your schedule is very limited but you really do not need much time to continue with your learning and now I share 5 keys for you to learn and practice a lot of Spanish from your country:

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So, how to learn Spanish online?

The principle of learning a language is to listen, like a baby when he learns his own language, nobody teaches him grammar or reading, before going to school he needs to listen a lot. And what things should we hear? Of all, videos in Spanish, music in Spanish but more important audiovisual lessons designed to learn Spanish.

Check our audiovisual Spanish lessons!
Check our audiovisual Spanish lessons!

Take 3 hours per week to learn Spanish fast

Order your weekly schedule and use 3 hours during the week to listen to audios, watch videos and practice Spanish. You do not need to have sessions of 1 hour at a time, you can divide your study into sessions of 30 minutes, taking advantage of traffic and transportation in general. Something very important is that you practice, 1 hour every weekend will help you a lot in improving your skills (you can take free live classes with us).

Watch your favorite movies again in Spanish, first watch your movies in your language and then watch it again in Spanish. In addition to that, listen to music in Spanish, here is a list of music to develop your listening comprehension in Spanish.

Before trying to continue improving your learning, stop to plan. First, you need to know what your level is, beginner, intermediate or advanced (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) with this information you can know where to start your learning according to the content that corresponds to your level – (you can take our exam free level)

After listening, the most important thing is to talk. You need to talk and practice, that is essential but with whom to practice? The immediate option is to find someone as a friend who is also interested in practicing their Spanish, another option is to take classes online with a teacher so that he can correct you and guide you in your learning. In this article, we share a list with more ways for you to practice your Spanish.

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ATTENTION: Learn Spanish is EASIER than you Imagine!

ATTENTION: Learn Spanish is EASIER than you Imagine!

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